Suzanne Carrier

Is This You?

Do you find yourself at Crossroads in your life?
Not sure which direction to take? 
Feeling Confused? Over-Whelmed? Uncertain?

I’m not going to tell you that you need to be different, or that if you only did this and that your life would be wonderful, but I am going to invite you to remember that true joy can only come from within, not from others.

Each one of us, depending on our basic nature, has a tendency to respond a certain way. We are all meant to be different and share our gifts with the world.  At times I know you may feel like there is something wrong with you, that you feel broken, but you are not broken, there’s nothing wrong with, you just may be disconnected from your Inner truth!

When we are aware of our gifts, strengths and challenges, we stop seeing ourselves as broken, we realize that the way we are is exactly perfect.  When we see our uniqueness, we step into self-acceptance, which leads to self-love. As our perception changes, we move into the future without struggle.  We shift from surviving to thriving.  As we see the uniqueness in those around us, our relationships evolve.

We live in a frequency based world and we are all connected in the greater web of life. Our thoughts and emotions carry their own frequency.  We are all masters at weaving complicated defense mechanisms that reinforce a perceived sense of separation, which represents a lower vibrational frequency.  It can feel like you are trapped and continue to re-create patterns that aren't working any more.  When the energy around these patterns change, you are living an authentic life.

How do we change the energy?  We clear the unresolved issues from the past (using the Yuen Method of Wellness), so that the energy that propels you forward is not hindered for your past experiences.  You will be aligned to the life you are designed to live. 

Where do we begin?  I invite you to explore the Services page and see what resonates!

Maybe you’re experiencing these thoughts…
My life should be different...
Where's the joy?
What's my purpose?
Why do I keep repeating the same patterns?